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Xtar MC4S External Usb Vape Battery Charer

Xtar MC4S External Usb Vape Battery Charer

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The XTAR MC4S is the upgraded version of the MC4 charger by the brand. Its simple design and operation make it a perfect option for users of all levels or even as a backup device. Despite is simplistic looks, its packed with safety and operating features including; intelligent overcharge protection, reverse polarity and short circuit cut off feature, over-voltage protection and over-heat protection. It will intelligently select the proper charge cycle for the battery placed in it, and will also select an appropriate current based on battery capacity. Utilising the popular Type-C input port, you are no longer limited by the charging cable, making it even more convenient to use.


– 3.6V / 3.7 V Li-ion :10440/14500/14650/16340/17500/17670/18350/18500/18650/18700/26650/32650/20700/21700 



– Supports 2x1A and 4×0.5A charging current
– Max two 26650 + two unprotected 21700 batteries
– Independent 4-slot, support mixed charging with 4 indicator LED’s
– High-precision cut-off after fully charged to help prolong your battery life
– Protections for anti-reverse, over-charge, short-circuit, over-voltage etc.
– Current adaptive, for higher charging efficiency
– 0V activation for over-discharged batteries

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