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Strawberry Ice Cream - BAR JUICE 5000 Nic Salts - 10ml

Strawberry Ice Cream - BAR JUICE 5000 Nic Salts - 10ml

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A day at the seaside wouldn’t be complete without a great big scoop of strawberry ice cream resting on a wafer cone. This delectable lick of summery heaven is often a once-a-year phenomenon. With the Strawberry Ice Cream vape juice, this is an all-year round taste excursion to summery days of sweet, creamy, juicy moments.

It takes a lot to make the perfect strawberry ice cream flavour. You need the subtle nudge of vanilla, the creamy thickness of happy moos, and a handpicked punnet of luscious strawberries. We’ve wrapped up those flavours perfectly in our Bar Juice Strawberry Ice Cream 20mg Nic Salt 10ml E-Liquid.

Have a lazy day at the seaside everyday with Strawberry Ice Cream Vape Bar Liquid.

Key benefits & features

  • An ice cream should be a pocket money treat but the classic Strawberry Ice Cream disposable ends up costing too much. Go cost-effective with a 10ml bottle of Strawberry Ice Cream e-liquid as a pod refill. You’ll get 5000 blasts of ice cream wonder instead of a mere 600.
  • Our Strawberry Ice Cream vape juice tastes so creamy, so juicy and so sweet thanks only to natural flavourings.
  • A waffle cone is munched away, but a Strawberry Ice Cream disposable ends up in landfill. It makes us sad. Lower your carbon footprint with a more sustainable Strawberry Ice Cream e-liquid.
  • The 20mg Strawberry Ice Cream nic salt helps you manage your cravings by bringing you a smooth nicotine hit.
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