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Moti X Play Replacement Coil

Moti X Play Replacement Coil

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The Moti Play replacement coils are a mesh construction and are currently available in two resistances 1.0ohm and 0.45 to give you variety over your draw and wattage when pair with the Moti Play Pod kit. 

The 1.0ohm coil is best between 10-16w and will work great if you are a mouth to lung user as it will still produce amazing flavour however not a mass load of vapour prodcution, whereas the 0.45ohm coil is best between 18-25w and offers a warmer vape, a fair bit of vapour whilst still giving you the great flavour thanks to the mesh construction, with both coils it would be recommended to use a 50/50 vg/pg eliquid, using a higher vg may shorten the life span of the coils. 

Always remember to prime your coils well before use to help give you the best coil life possible.

Priced per coil - sold individually 

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