Collection: Big Salts

What are BIG SALTS?

BIG SALTS are the cost-effective, planet-saving way to enjoy your favourite disposable vape flavours but without the expense of buying many disposable vapes which is better for your pocket and the environment.  


BIG SALTS - 60ml

BIG SALTS 60ml Salt Fills are available in the same tasty and popular flavours and are an amazing way to save a LOT of cash!

Using Big Salts specially formulated e-liquid concentrate, you can add 3 x 10ml Big Salt Shots and enjoy a 60ml salt based e-liquid ina choice of 3 strengths,

Big Salts 60ml range is perfect for those who know they love the flavour and vape more frequently. ATt 18000 puffs per bottle. One BIG SALTS goes a long way!